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We provide service in the following industries...

Improving the agribusiness industry with innovative technology
Central Valley Farmers and Industry leaders have turned to Divine Logic as a single source for a fully integrated offering of the latest hardware, software, and service for 19 years. Our Systems Analyst work closely with you to provide solutions to your most pressing needs. We strive to provide a range of technologically advanced products and services.

Increasing production through the integration of computers.
Manufacturers have relied on Divine Logic for computer hardware, software, and service. Our experience includes but is not limited to Auto Cad, Solid Works, CADKEY, Realtrac, and Foresite.


Building trust and solid relations with physians and medical personnel
We understand the importance of reliable hardware and service and the key role that technology plays in the medical field.  Computer networking is the key to fast communication and Divine Logic has been installing and maintaining networks, ensuring physicians and nurses can exchange data. Protecting the integrity of Patient medical records is required by HIPPA, and achieved through network security and monitoring - a crucial service that we provide and take very seriously.

Implementing POS technology in local retail businesses
Retailers are advancing their business with the use of computer hardware and software to save money and create new ways to generate revenue.  We've been assisting retailers with Point of Sale Systems, inventory management and accounting software.




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