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Is your computer worth fixing?
Jeff Dunn, Lead Technician
Many people wonder if they should get their computer fixed or if it's time to retire it and purchase a new one. Afterall, there are $400.00 computers for retail today. There are several factors you should consider to better reach your decision.

First, realize that you always get what you pay for, $400.00 computers are often made with hardware that is substandard or already two or more years old. You might be getting a system for cheap, but there is no guarantee it will out perform or last longer then your current system. Spending just two to three more hundred dollars on a new system can make a world of difference in both performance and longevity.

Secondly, if you do decide to move to a new computer, you will have to decide if you want the data off your old computer. Do you have backups of all your pictures? Is all of the music you purchased still available to you? Do you have the CD's to any programs you will need installed on your new computer? Don't find out that the cost of a new system was only half of what you need to spend to become productive again.

Lastly, if your computer is less then three to four years old and meets all of your computing needs, 99% of the time it is less expensive and far less complicated on your part to have your system repaired.


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